David Dondero goes to Europe!

Dave will be heading abroad with Bright Eyes, the Mountain Goats and a handful of other friends. Dates below!
3/26/2007 Columbia Club Berlin w/ Bright Eyes
3/27/2007 Gloria Koln, Germany w/ Bright Eyes
3/28/2007 Gruner Jager Hamburg w/ Raphelson
3/29/2007 Weltruf Kiel w/ Raphelson
3/30/2007 Kollage Malmo
3/31/2007 Fritz’s Corner @ Debaser Stockholm w/ the Mountain Goats
4/2/2007 Garage Bergen w/ the Mountain Goats
4/3/2007 Garage Oslo w/ the Mountain Goats
4/5/2007 Thelka Bristol
4/6/2007 The Social Nottingham w/Butterflies of Love
4/8/2007 The MacBeth London