Happy happy birthday

1894350927_52d4ad32f9.jpgDid you know that Andy and Eric from Capgun Coup were both born in November? Did you know that Capgun is playing a show this Saturday in Omaha? Did you know that Bear Country, Conchance and Honeybee are also playing at that show? Did you know it was at the Slowdown? Did you know that the show will double as a birthday party? Well, now you do.

Did you want to listen to some Capgun Coup? Well, now you can.

My Tears Cure Cancer
Oh, My Mod
Bobby Chops and the Do-Gooders

Happy Birthday, boys!

Introducing Lists!

Here at Team Love, we spend a lot of time making lists (grocery lists, to-do lists, best-of lists, guest lists, email lists).

We asked some of our friends to send over some of their own lists, and we are asking you to send over some of yours. Check back every week for new lists from our bands, friends, and you (each month, we will feature a list that has been submitted by one of you!)

If you’ve ever wondered about
– Dan McCarthy’s favorite cheeseburgers,
– John Cameron Mitchell’s favorite narrative films,
– what the Capgun Coup and Berg Sans Nipple boys listen to in their vans,
– or what Craig Wedren is really excited about this year, look no further.

Waiting for the Trench


Get over your Thanksgiving food comas with some tears-in-beers waltzes!
McCarthy Trenching

November, 30 2007 at The Waiting Room
61st & Maple, Omaha, Nebraska
Cost : $7

with Alina Simone, Brad Hoshaw, and Reagan and The Rayguns