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Flowers Forever will play a CD Release show this Friday (February 15) at the Bemis Underground in Omaha.

Black Rosary (Mp3)
Beach Bum (Mp3)
Happy New Year (Mp3)

All proceeds from the show will go to benefit Kianna’s (from Tilly & the Wall) lovely bulldog Foot Foot. Details below the jump!

Foot Foot is our English Bulldoggy and as some of you may know, bulldogs generally have many health problems. Most of them have some form of ear and skin problems a well as some problems with their little hips. We just found out last week that Footy requires surgery to remove part of both of her ear canals. Over a lifetime of ear infections and other problems her ear canals have calcified so much that they’ve all but closed up tight and are about as hard as rocks. This has not only left her with daily ear cleanings and pills but has also left her almost deaf. The wonderful thing is that there is a surgery that can remove most of the calcified parts and help her to hear again and have a better chance of fighting off more infections. The only bad thing is that it costs money that neither Foot Foot or her parents have…

If you want to donate to help Foot Foot get this surgery please come out to the Flowers Forever / Baby Walrus Double CD Release Party this Friday! She will be there with bells on to meet and greet you and to sign your boobs if you want! She’s cool with that! There will be a place for you to drop a few cents or dollars in that night. Come out and party either way! If you can’t afford to part with any money then maybe you can wish her luck and give her a good pat on the butt! She really loves that!!!

For those who do not live in Omaha but would like to contribute, Kianna has set up a Paypal account for Foot Foot.

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