Please welcome Nik Freitas!

freitasNik Freitas’ Team Love debut Sun Down — equal parts wry, warm and sonorous — is the end product of several years of ups and downs. Freitas writes, plays, engineers and produces every note on his records. Not that he’s got a lot of expensive gear. A visit to his Poppy Peak studio/shed reveals that Nik is working low-budget minor miracles, The kind of miracles one receives via hundreds of hours on Craigslist.

One listen to Sun Down and you know you’re hearing a certain hard-won grace.It all began several years ago for Freitas, when a co-worker sold him an antique piano that was “used by a street musician before the dawn of the Casio.” Nik taught himself how to play the thing, and it became the cornerstone of his three earlier records, Here’s Laughing at You, Heavy Mellow and Voicing the Hammers. tl-30small.jpg

Sun Down is a succinct, concentrated record that will take the listener from Paul Simon’s Graceland to David Bowie’s Hunky Dory. Each song — each moment — is endowed with a striking mix of self-possession and gravity. There is no reaching, no going for the gold, just ten lovely four minute thesis statements.

Sun Down will hit stores on May 8. Pre-Orders (CD and 180g-LP) are now available and will ship two weeks early.

Sun Down (mp3)
All the Way Down (mp3)

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