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It is with much excitement that we present Tilly & the Wall’s newest album simply entitled….well, it doesn’t have a title. The album cover is serving as its title: it’s a frame in which artwork will be placed. The Tillies are asking everyone in their community to contribute artwork for the album’s cover, and will have limited edition runs of handmade prints available by different artists that will act as the album’s cover.

O details the mixing of the personal and the organic world — songs on the record frequently feature grass, flowers, blood, trees, snow, water, dust, sand, trash, electricity and gardens, all tied up with loss, love, need and exploration.

Produced by the acclaimed Mike Mogis, O is Tilly and the Wall’s most cohesive, sonically experimental album yet. In addition to building a tack piano for certain songs, the band toyed with percussion much more than their previous efforts, recording Jamie’s taps through a variety of different amplifiers and floors to give each song its own distinct rhythm. With its massive dose of high energy, hip-shaking attitude, it’s the sort of album that reminds you why you fell for Tilly and the Wall in the first place.

Tilly’s most recent single, “Beat Control” is now available through iTunes (along with album track “Cacophony), and as a limited-edition seven-inch through our online store.

O will hit stores and all digital retailers on June 17.

Stream both Cacophony and Beat Control below.


To hear about “o” in the band’s own words, check out this interview with synthesis.net (part 1, part 2).

Tracklisting & more below the jump.tl-31_large_1.jpg
O Tracklisting:

1. “Tall Tall Grass”
2. “Pot Kettle Black”
3. “Cacophony”
4. “I Found You”
5. “Alligator Skin”
6. “Chandelier Lake”
7. “Dust Me Off”
8. “Falling Without Knowing”
9. “Bloodflower”
10. “Poor Man’s Ice Cream”
11. “Too Excited”

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  1. by “their community” do you mean Nebraska only, or people elsewhere? Because if so, I’d like to send in some of my art, but I am not sure what address would be used to mail it to, and as mentioned above, I’m not sure if you mean Nebraska or everywhere.

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