Tilly and the Wall’s “o” is in stores today!

Photo Credit: Rob Walters

On June 22, 2004, Team Love released our very first album, Tilly & the Wall’s Wild Like Children.

Nearly four years later to the day, we are so very pleased to present Tilly & the Wall’s third album, “o,” now available everywhere (in the US).

Each copy of “o” contains a unique piece of art that was created by independent artists. Check out a gallery of these images here.

Team Love would like to thank the artists who contributed their time, energy and art to this project; Ellen Black, Cody Crithcheloe, Greg Elasser, Wanda Ewing, Peter Fankhauser, Lee Heinemann, Seth Johnson, Jessica Levy, Joey Lynch, Sam Martin, Darci Pressnall, Ann Ploeger, Jenny Pugh, Spindleworks, Jadon Ulrich & Jaime Warren.

We would also like to thank all of you for supporting us these past four years. It has been a pleasure…

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