Pre-Order Mars Black’s “Stay Black,” Available 8/5

It’s been a hot minute since you’ve heard from Mars Black, and it isn’t because he put down the ink pen, the composition notepad and stepped away from the mic. It’s the exact opposite of that. He’s back alright, with a brand new full length titled “Stay Black” The much anticipated follow up to the 2005 “Folks Music,” which will be in stores August 5th. And, if you Pre-Order “Stay Black” today, you will receive it two weeks early. recently nominated Mars as one of the “Next 1000 Movers,” and had this to say:

“There’s hip-hop in Omaha, Nebraska? Damn skippy there is. Travel there and you’ll hear the spittin’ of Mars Black, ready to boom-bap your eardrums to pieces …  Mars Black shoots words out like bullets behind fast, but not too fast, bass heavy beats. Don’t believe me? Check out “Hot Chick.”

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