Sept 18th – Sept 24th CSS and Tilly and the Wall hit the road touring the West Coast of the United States.  A small film crew will be following along and documenting each show. We would like to cordially invite you to do the same.  Start your tape rolling and show us what this music means to you and your lives.  We want you to document your lives, your bands, the places you hang out.  Show us know how CSS and Tilly and the Wall have influenced your life.

Along with that, if you are coming to the show, we want you filming right along with us.  Each show fans will be allowed to bring cameras into the venue and film away. If for some reason you can’t get your hands on a camera…come find us before the show and we’ll look forward to hearing what you have to say.  (We’ll be the guys with the big cameras.)

More information on this project is available at http://www.whitelight-media.com/csstilly.html

Tilly & the Wall on Tour

09.17.08       Vancouver, BC     Commodore Ballroom
09.18.08       Seattle, WA     The Showbox
09.19.08       Portland, OR     Roseland
09.20.08       San Francisco, CA     Mezzanine (Treasure Island After Party)
09.22.08       Los Angeles, CA     Mayan Theater
09.23.08       Los Angeles, CA     Mayan Theater
09.24.08       Pomona, CA     The Glass House
09.25.08       Phoenix, AZ     Rhythm Room

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