Shudder To Think has announced they will release Live From Home, their first ever live album, on September 15. In the fall of 2008, ten years after the band’s breakup, Shudder To Think reunited in response to overwhelming requests from old and new fans who had either been ardent fans since their first release or those who discovered them after their breakup and had been too young to see them on their last tour. Shudder To Think embarked on a limited number of tour dates during which the band delivered some of the most compelling and potent shows of their career. Shudder To Think’s lineup for these live recordings was: Craig Wedren, Nathan Larson, Kevin March, Jesse Krakow and Mark Watrous. The best of the band’s live shows can be found on Shudder To Think’s new album Live From Home to be released via Team Love on September 15. See track listing below.

Shudder To Think continues to be as important and other-worldly today as they were when they released their first independent single, ‘It Was Arson’ in 1988. With Ten-Spot, their first Dischord Records release in 1990, Funeral at the Movies in 1991 and Get Your Goat in 1992, the band continually mystified and exhilarated their fans with music, and style that pushed the boundaries of what a band from the hardcore punk scene could look and sound like. In 1994 Shudder To Think signed to Epic Records and released their opus Pony Express Record, an album still considered one of the most groundbreaking and influential albums of our time. The band expanded their palate to include scoring films, and fused their angular intensity, with a cinematic depth and beauty which has gone on to inspire many young singers and song writers.

Craig Wedren/Shudder To Think – “Live From Home documents our 2008 tour, and features me (Craig Wedren) on vocals/guitar, Nathan Larson on guitar, Jesse Krakow on bass, and Mark Watrous on guitar. Now that’s a lot of guitar, which you can hear and feel f’real, even if you weren’t at any of the shows. We think Live From Home does a slam-bang job of representing, and in some cases toppling altogether, a lot of the original recordings. ‘About Three Dreams’ is a particular favorite, and I think we may finally have gotten a solid version of ‘Day Ditty’ down for the lovers. We feel that these songs transcend time and trends, and we hope that they’ll feel as fresh to you as they did to us when we played them again last year, for the first time in over a decade.”

Live From Home tracklisting:

1.       dialogue

2.       Red House (from the albums Funeral at the Movies & Ten Spot/50,000 BC)

3.       Shake Your Halo Down (from Get Your Goat)

4.       Dialogue

5.       Hit Liquor (from Pony Express)

6.       Love Catastrophe (from Get Your Goat)

7.       Lies About the Sky (from Funeral at the Movies & Ten Spot)

8.       Jade Dust Eyes (from Funeral at the Movies & Ten Spot)

9.       Gang of $ (from Pony Express)

10.     She Wears He-Harem (from Get Your Goat)

11.     Rag (from Funeral at the Movies & Ten Spot)

12.     Pebbles (from Get Your Goat)

13.     9 Fingers on You (from Pony Express)

14.     No. Rm 9 Kentucky (from Pony Express)

15.     Call of the Playground (from 50,000 BC)

16.     Chocolate (from Funeral at the Movies & Ten Spot)

17.     X-French Tee Shirt (from Pony Express)

18.     dialogue

19.     About Three Dreams (from Funeral at the Movies & Ten Spot)

20.     dialogue

21.     Day Ditty (from First Love Last Rites/Funeral at the Movies & Ten Spot)

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