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Lots going on so we’re going to jump right in! Hope you’ve all had a relaxing, adventurous and warm summer. Pre-orders are now available for both Shudder to Think’s live record, “Live From Home” and Simon Joyner’s 12th studio release, “Out Into the Snow“. For those in the New York area, please come down to Shudder to Think’s release show at the Bowery Ballroom. This will be the band’s only show in support of “Live From Home” (and perhaps only show in the forseeable future). Trust us, you do not want to miss it.
Customers who pre-order Simon Joyner‘s incredible new album “Out into the Snow” will receive a bonus 7″ with two unreleased songs — free for vinyl pre-orders, and $1 extra for CD orders (your choice!). If you are not well acquainted with Simon’s music, we suggest you head over to the Team Love Library, where we have just posted a 9-track retrospective spanning Simon’s lengthy, storied career in music. Did we mention that all albums in the Team Love Library are free? We also have some brand new Simon Joyner t-shirts for sale in our webstore (you can’t get them anywhere else!)

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Tilly & the Wall’s “Beat Control” and a bunch of badass female snowboarders here. Culture of Me have a preview of the upcoming Live from Home release show for Shudder to Think at the Bowery Ballroom, purchase tickets here . With the announcement of the next Capgun Coup album, ” Maudlin ,” out November 3, Honey from the Bees posts a classic from the band’s previous work while Motor City Blog has written up a nice take on the band’s activity to date. The Flat Response was at David Dondero’s Denver show recently and has some news about his upcoming Team Love album, due out sometime in early 2010. And both Joker’s Daughter videos receive positive feedback from Shape and Color . If you’ve not checked out Joker’s, Team Love has posted a new MP3 from the debut album, Under the Influence of Jaffa Cakes

Capgun Coup to release “Maudlin” this November

Capgun Coup will release their sophomore album, Maudlin, this November on Team Love.

capgunMaudlin is in many ways a sonic homage to Capgun Coup’s renowned energetic performances at house parties and Hotel Frank. The famed and notorious Hotel Frank in Omaha has served as a refuge for, and breeding ground of, young musicians and artists since the late ‘80s. It’s also where the band used to live with 23 friends and where the new album was born. The album radiates with youthful, impish verve, from songs like the raw “Bad Bands” to the languid, loudly murmuring “Farnam Street” to the surf-rocking, whirlwind tempest “When I’m Gone”. Exploring the ups and downs of a culture of carousing, frontman Sam Martin delivers clever, lyrical turns of phrase. Capgun Coup recorded Maudlin live, all together in one room, with the help of AJ Mogis, who captured their live sound and highlighted the innate pop sensibility that threads through their vibrant cacophony of alternately angular and loosely jangling guitars and rattling drums.

Track listing for Maudlin:

1. Computer Screens And TVs
2. Sitting On The Sidewalk
3. Ari Are We
4. Got Alot of Gull
5. Only The Times Are Changing
6. Fishlip
7. Wish I Was A Fag
8. Now That I’m Home
9. Farnam Street
10. Pretty City
11. Bad Bands
12. For Fish
13. When I’m Gone
14. Breaks No Heart Of Mine

Capgun Coup is: Sam Martin (vocals, guitar), Greg Elsasser (guitar, vocals), Eric Ohlsson (drums), Jess McKelvey (guitar), and Roadie (bass).

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Read about The Positive Jam happening in Ithaca NY on September 6. Performances by the Felice Brothers, the Hold Steady, Deer Tick and more. FTV has posted the new Joker’s Daughter video for Lucid. Don’t Explain has an interesting and belated Top albums of 2008 list which ranks Nik Freitas right beside Joe Satriani and Team Love fave Benga. Fensepost have posted some thoughts on A Weather and we can’t mention the Portland hush-masters without restating that No Hidden Tracks called Cove the best album of 2008. Ketelmuziek talks about Simon Joyner this week and MBV is hosting a track from the upcoming live Shudder to Think album, both out Sept 15. This week also marked Elliott Smith’s 40th Birthday; here he is playing “Waterloo Sunset“.