The Catch All

Tilly & the Wall’s “Beat Control” and a bunch of badass female snowboarders here. Culture of Me have a preview of the upcoming Live from Home release show for Shudder to Think at the Bowery Ballroom, purchase tickets here . With the announcement of the next Capgun Coup album, ” Maudlin ,” out November 3, Honey from the Bees posts a classic from the band’s previous work while Motor City Blog has written up a nice take on the band’s activity to date. The Flat Response was at David Dondero’s Denver show recently and has some news about his upcoming Team Love album, due out sometime in early 2010. And both Joker’s Daughter videos receive positive feedback from Shape and Color . If you’ve not checked out Joker’s, Team Love has posted a new MP3 from the debut album, Under the Influence of Jaffa Cakes

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