The Catch All

RCRDLBL gets the jump on the new Capgun by posting a free download of “Sitting on the Sidewalk,” and Sourceburst is there to cover it. Dwars are out in force covering the new Simon Joyner LP, and “Out Into the Snow” reviews keep coming in, including thoughts from Dusted, FencePost, Popheadwound and Fixed Sterre. Check out these incredible live clips of Shudder To Think over at Used Wigs, and read Craig Wedren’s interview with the Onion, as he discusses the new “Live From Home” LP. Eat Sleep Drink Music and Relix chime in with some thoughts on the new Taylor Hollingsworth LP, out Nov 3. Even the Salt Lake Tribune has a few things to say about about Taylor’s new album. Punchdrunklovesicksingalong are feeling the debut by Joker’s Daughter while the greatest music website on the planet, The Quietus get Joker’s in the Halloween mix. And nothing is more tedious than the onslaught of Best of the Decade lists, unless of course, they include Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins.

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