The Catch All

2009 is officially dust but before we get too twentyten here is a quick look back at TL’s 09 plus some decade mentions.
Teenkicks has ranked both Jenny Lewis and the Felice Brothers in their best of the Decade list. The Felice’s get mad love over at Hear Sounds Write, When You Awake, No Depression’s Twang Nation, This Morning I was Born Again, Back in 15 Minutes and many more including Roll & Grandy‘s artist lists where Yonder gets a shout from Justin Towns Earl and Deertick. Simon Joyner’s “Out Into The Snow” received rankings from Friday Night Is Killing Me, The New Haven Advocate, The Needle Drop, a Top Ten spot from Thompson’s Bank of Communicable Desire and a Top Five spot from Pop Head Wound. Lucid by Joker’s Daughter claims a top 20 Song of the year over at Spotinews, and a Best of the Decade rank at Providence Daily Dose. Returning to Jenny Lewis, it is nice to see Rabbit Fur Coat getting Best of the Decade mentions at To Eleven, Swear I’m Not Paul, Living In Misery, and a Number Two ranking from 1,2,3 Jamboree. Also, check her out on the cover of December’s Under the Radar. Finally, at Rock Sell Out there is a great review of Shudder To Think’s Live From Home.

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