The Catch All

Capgun Coup‘s newest video is turning heads and Get Your Plane Right On Time are among those paying attention. If you missed their Tyler Chickinelli-directed video for When I’m Gone you can check it out at Consequence of Sound. A Weather recently played to an enamored audience at Union Hall in Brooklyn. If you want to see what that was like we have footage here, or check out this link at KDHX. Want to know what goes on in the minds of a band making such beautiful music? Then check out a new interview with A Weather over at Indie Muse. A very cool looking guitar is being played by Taylor Hollingsworth in the clip over at The Hook. And here’s a great review of Taylor over at Call it Folk and a great comp featuring Taylor from Uncut Magazine. If you are fluent in German here is a conversation taking place on the Rolling Stone Germany forum about his new album, # Zero with A Bullet. More Dondero? Check out his profile on No Depression. Midnight Masses receive some love this week from Zap Town and I’m Officially A Yuppie. And KEXP‘s giving the band the old Song of the Day treatment. Finally, Artist Advocacy has a must-read interview with Simon Joyner up on the site. Make sure you visit Simon’s Tour Site to find out if he’s bringing his special living room concert to your area

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