First Listen: Stream David Dondero’s new album at NPR

Beginning today,  David Dondero’s fantastic new record, “#Zero with a Bullet” is streaming in its entirety at NPR. Robin Hilton at All Songs Considered had some lovely things to say about Dave:

“Dondero is a brilliant storyteller and poet. His searching melodies and distinctive voice are heartbreakingly beautiful and uplifting. But after a decade of releasing albums, Dondero remains criminally unknown … The songs come from Dondero’s own life. On a never-ending tour and living out of his car, Dondero has long trudged through the detritus of humanity, turning his acute observations and experiences into sometimes twisted tales … Dondero exposes this backroads landscape and all its emotional land mines on Number Zero With a Bullet. With each listen, it stands out as his sharpest and most inspired work.”

“#Zero with a Bullet” is now shipping from our webstore.

Stream #Zero with a Bullet at NPR
“#Zero with a Bullet” (MP3)
“Wherever You Go” (MP3)

Order #Zero with a Bullet

Live near Arcata, CA? Help Simon Joyner! — UPDATE!

Simon’s show on July 21st has been moved to Chico, CA. Details below.

Show is at East 6th Street (next to the Pageant Theater on the corner of E.6th and Flume). Last minute replacement show! No advanced ticket sales. $5 cover. Doors at 6:30, show starts at 7pm. At: Cafe Flo, 365 Local openers TBA.

Below are the remaining dates on Simon’s west coast tour:

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the catch all

There is a  MP3 from the new David Dondero album coming out on Team Love Aug 3 and it’s called “Wherever You Go,” download it here. Speaking of Dave, check out this Jolie clip of her doing the Real Tina Turner, and make sure to go see him when he comes to a town near you. Sonic Dissonance and Feral Saint are both on the lead off track and the Hattiesburg American has an eye-opening interview with Dave.  A Weather not only write beautiful songs, they also have aided us in discovering some great new websites like Bowlegs and In Your Speakers. Here’s a treat for everyone, Day Trotter has posted the McCarthy Trenching session and like always it a great listen.  Some dude at Mog is loving El Madmo. Artist Advocacy has posted a cool Simon Joyner interview. MAKE LOVE, NOT PLASTIC, indeed.