The Berg Sans Nipple – Build With Erosion in stores 3/15

Acclaimed drum and electronics duo The Berg Sans Nipple (Nebraskan Shane Aspegren and Frenchman Lori Sean Berg) are back with Build With Erosion, their newest album out on Team Love on March 15.

Check out two songs from “Build With Erosion”

The Berg Sans Nipple – Change the Shape (MP3)

The Berg Sans Nipple – Convert the Measurement (MP3)

Combining the duo’s trademark melodic nuance and mind-bending rhythm workouts with a hook- heavy set of vocal-driven songs – a first for the lauded instrumental duo – Build With Erosion reinforces The Berg Sans Nipple as a truly singular band to be filed alongside Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors, Fuck Buttons, Caribou and Yeasayer.

With a sound that encompasses a little bit of everything — from gamelan, electronica, Afro Beat, post-punk, old-soul, dub, Ennio Morricone landscapes and hip-hop beats — Build With Erosion maps out its own very special musical terrain.

The album was mostly recorded in Paris with long-term collaborator and regular touring partner Antoine Gaillet (M83, Zombie Zombie), the renowned French producer described by BSN as their “guru.” Written and recorded in brief and intermittent bursts, the duo would take sounds and ideas back to their respective countries to let them simmer. Sometimes months would pass, allowing the compositions to transcend any sense of time or space. Says Aspegren, “The fact that we made this record living in different countries changed a lot about the way we typically had worked together when we were both living in Paris. When we were together, we still recorded ideas and constructed a lot of samples, extracting some of those small ideas and shaping them into something completely different. But we took more time to work separately on things before getting back together, which caused the recording sessions to be full of energy because of all the uncertainty and anticipation about what was going to happen.”

And while a sense painstaking precision is evident throughout Build With Erosion, the technical virtuosity of the compositions and production never gets in the way of a good time. This is a band that believes in the cosmic power of the drum and the captivating force of rhythm; key factors that define a heady mix of disparate elements. Coming on like Fela caught up with Liquid Liquid in a Guru Guru head jam, tough drum funk (played live on kit and programmed on MPC) drives layers of moon-spangled electronics with raw rhythmic propulsion to form syncopated paths through cluster bursts of blips and whirs. From the tribal polyphony of “Body Movement” and the punishing patterns of “Convert the Measurement” to the head-nodding swagger of the title track, the drum rules the design, underpinning Eno-like ambient tones, haunting piano lines and highly infectious vocal lines throughout. Build With Erosion also marks the first time the band has released a predominantly vocal-driven album. ”It seemed like the natural place for the music, and I was really feeling the need to write vocals in that period,” says Aspegren. “I also started to love singing and playing the drums…there’s something liberating in that.”