Announcing the Team Love RavenHouse Gallery

In the summer of 2009 Team Love moved from the East Village of Manhattan to the Hudson Valley community of New Paltz. We’d been through town on occasion while visiting the Felice Brothers, and whether it was the two healthy record stores located across the street from one another, or the stunning rock cliffs that guarded the town to the west, the village quickly became the focus of our ideas and dreams for what Team Love could become in the future.

Two years later, we’re delighted to announce the arrival of Team Love RavenHouse Gallery. The space, at 11 Church Street in the village of New Paltz, is joint effort of Team Love Records and RavenHouse Management. It serves as both company’s offices, as well as existing as a space open to the public that includes an art gallery and a retail space selling music, cloth, metallic bugs, colorful lamps, comic books, used records, and more.

Why? In a nutshell, after spending most of the last decade despairing over the shuttering of great record store after great record store, and witnessing the tedious shift from the physical to the cyber, we decided it was time to push back a bit, to claim at least a few square feet of actual tactile space for ourselves, to build a wall, hang some vinyl lps on it, and open shop. That task is now complete, so if you find yourself driving north on the NY Turnpike, come visit out town and our shop. We promise there is no other place like it.

This month the gallery features a series of limited edition prints by Butch Hogan. The show includes never-before-seen images of Willy Mason, Desaparecidos, Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band, and more. To purchase photos, and for more information about the gallery please visit

And, if you’re in New Paltz on April 16, stop by the gallery (at 11 Church Street) between 7-9pm to help celebrate, with sets by Willy Mason, David Dondero, and Justice of the Unicorns.