The Catch All

Our comrades at Slumber Party Records have released the new McCarthy Trenching album and it is full of dark and twisted beauty.  Watch the first video here at Hear Nebraska.  An excellent interview with The Berg Sans Nipple has appeared on Subba Cultura, while reviews continue to drip in via Tiny Mix Tapes, and the NME. Want to go even deeper? Then check out this Interview and photo spread over at The Stimuleye.  The folks at Songward have presented an intro of sorts on Tilly and the Wall. Punk News and Not Popular both have the skinny on the upcoming David Dondero-Kevin Seconds tour and one of the great music blogs Songs by Toad were kind enough to preview DD’s Scotland tour by posting the great Rothko Chapel. On to our favorite El Paso seekers, Refried Ice Cream, who get broken down at Lung Books. And one of our new favorite bands. Breakfast in Fur received three quarters of a perfect review at the brilliant In Your Speakers. Well done everyone!