Holiday Bundles at the store

Holiday Bundles are now live at our webstore! Give the gift of Team Love music this holiday season. Bundles are a great way to introduce friends or family to the music you love without breaking the bank. And, to get you in the holiday spirit, we have A Weather’s annual Christmas song! Check out the band’s beautiful rendition of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”.

A Weather – I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Team Love Holiday Bundles 2011
A Weather – CD Bundle or Vinyl Bundle
Capgun Coup – CD Bundle or Vinyl Bundle
David Dondero – CD Bundle
Simon Joyner – Vinyl Bundle
Shudder to Think / Craig Wedren – CD Bundle or Vinyl Bundle
The Berg Sans Nipple – CD Bundle
Tilly and the Wall – CD Bundle or Vinyl Bundle
Team Love – Seven Inch Bundle