Tilly and the Wall looking for kids to be in a video + Simon Joyner Kickstarter album

From the Tillies: Hey y’all! Tilly and the Wall is looking for a handful of youngsters to star as a pack of love-rabid, desert youths in a new video we are making! The video will be shot on February 18th, all day, in Joshua Tree, California. We need a two 7-8 year olds, four 12-14 year olds and one or two in their later teens. We, unfortunately, have a verrrry small budget so we cannot compensate monetarily but will provide food and lots of fun!!! Please contact us at tillyvideo@gmail.com if you are or know anyone who might be interested in joining us for some awesome times in the desert! 🙂

And on another note, our dear friend Simon Joyner is making a new record that will be funded entirely through Kickstarter! To help him out, visit his Kickstarter page. We’ll be carrying the album at the Team Love RavenHouse Gallery once it’s completed.