The Catch All

Things are happening, it’s 2012, that’s officially living in the future. Let’s start with Conduits. The band’s hometown blogs picked up the news quick that Team Love was going to be putting out this much loved Omaha 6 piece with Rock Candy Omaha and Tim Lazy i both spreading the good word. Mix Tape Muse have posted the first track from the album and Chuck P at KCRW dropped the track into his show over the weekend. Conduits are on tour w/ Cursive this spring, the dates are here. Next up, the poet, the outlaw, the founding member of the Felice Brothers, elder brother Simone Felice has recorded a masterpiece that explores the darker corners of gothic america. Plenty of noise on the tubes about this one including mentions by Birds Need Feet, The Line of Best Fit, Audio Cred and the always brilliant Songs by Toad.
Simone’s playing a very special release show at the Mercury Lounge in New York City on March 30, get your tickets here. Finally, a shout out to Anika in London who tells us about her discovery of Team Love back in the day so Anika, if you are reading this, keep an eye out because some amazing stuff is coming soon….