Announcing Die Pfalz

pour le village
Die Pfalz is the name first given to the village of New Paltz in 1678 by the French Huguenot settlers who made the trip to New Neatherland in search of greater religious freedom. Die Pfalz, the album, is a collection of songs by four local musical acts. Shana Falana is an experimental psyche pop band with roots in San Francisco and Brooklyn. “In the Light” is their debut EP. Breakfast in Fur is a four piece with an excellent 10-inch EP on Analog Editions. They blend indie folk with early indie pop; layers of drifting vocals and quality hooks. Cycad is electronic dance artist Chris Utzig. His previous work includes the LP “Before Melting Highways,” and he’s featured on the Love Riot Remix EP (TL61). Bloodletters is a sweaty guitar band that dwells in the tradition of 1970s gut rock. The four bands, though often on the same bill and often in the same bar, have very little in common sonically. What draws them together is a knack for making exciting music. All four artists are unique, but hearing them together paints a picture of a town with a vibrant music scene that is supportive of its local talent. It is Team Love’s wish that this album becomes a document the local community can be proud of, and a vehicle by which these artists can find a larger audience and share their charms with the greater masses.

Pre-orders for Die Pfalz will ship out in mid-August. Reserve your copy today.