Please welcome Last Good Tooth!

Please welcome Last Good Tooth to Team Love! Their debut album, Not Without Work and Rest, comes out May 28th, 2013.

Pre-orders are up at our webstore.


Catch them on tour all over the US with Brown Bird starting next month. Dates below the jump.


Last Good Tooth came together like many bands do… as teenagers, smoking grass and aping their favorite band of the moment in their parents’ garages across the country. In the case of Last Good Tooth, that band was the Black Keys which is a bit shocking once you hear the first notes of Not Without Work and Rest trickle through your speakers. You see, the band is stunning when it comes to melodies, at carving out a line with a guitar that leads you straight into the first lyric of the songs while at the same time invoking some sort of strange Gordon Gano-ish Appalachian voodoo.


Well before the sessions for their debut were underway, word of their spirited live shows reached the offices of Team Love Records in New Paltz, NY. The band eventually dropped in on the sleepy Hudson Valley town and shook things up at the local dive bar, leading the room full of inebriated youth into a singalong of a Michael Hurley song. Later they played along side an abandoned thespian camp to a field of hedonists and swimming-hole experts. All of this left a strong impression on the folks at Team Love, and the plans for their debut album took root.


Recorded over the summer and fall of 2011, Not Without Work and Rest is a record for the young and the old, offering up tinges of mystery alongside a familiar warmth.


Last Good Tooth formed in Providence, RI and is currently based in New York State. The band is made up of Penn Sultan (Guitars), Kevin Sullivan (Bass), Arthur Kapp (Drums), and Alex Spoto (Fiddles) Not Without Work and Rest is out May 28th, 2013 on Team Love Records.
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Announcing Broderick & Broderick

Broderick & Broderick is a collaboration between renowned artist and multi-instrumentalist Peter Broderick and his father Steven.

Peter is known for a number of projects, from his solo instrumental works such as Float to his work with bands such as Efterklang and Horse Feathers. He has played with M.Ward, Laura Gibson and Loch Lomond. Peter has scored a number of films, while his most recent release, 2012’s “These Walls Of Mine,” consisted of 10 vocal and lyrical tracks. He currently resides in Berlin.

Preview a track over at Bowlegs, and pre-order over at our webstore.


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Electrick Children Soundtrack

Team Love is happy to announce the release of the Electrick Children soundtrack, available digitally on April 16, 2013.

Pre-orders are available at our webstore.

Electrick Children, the movie:

Pregnant by music? On her 15th birthday, Rachel, a young Mormon girl from a fundamentalist Utah community, discovers a forbidden cassette tape with rock music on it. Having never heard anything like it, she has a miraculous experience and three months later, claims to have had an immaculate conception from listening to the music. Her parents arrange a marriage, but Rachel runs away to the closest city, LAS VEGAS, to search for the man who sings on the tape, thinking he has something to do with her mysterious pregnancy.


Electrick Children, the soundtrack:
The music for Electrick Children comes largely from the catalog of Team Love Records, the small independent record label based in New Paltz, NY.  This includes a hip-hop artist and a surf-rock inspired indie rock band from Omaha, NE (Mars Black and Capgun Coup), a father/son psychedelic rock band from the outskirts of El Paso (Refried Ice Cream) and a guitar picking skinny boy from Birmingham AL (Taylor Hollingsworth).  Then there’s Top of the Hill by the cosmic and ethereal Conduits, a track that is perhaps most associated with the film due to its inclusion in both the trailer and the closing-credits.  Another Team Love artist on the soundtrack, Flowers Forever, is present with their cover of Hanging On The Telephone, a song that provides the vital plot point to the film’s narrative. The rest of the songs on the soundtrack do not stray too far from the Team Love stables: Cursive, perhaps Omaha’s greatest and most successful rock band on the last few decades, Bloodletters and CCB from the New Paltz area and Nona from Los Angeles, who’s contribution is also prominently featured in the film.  Finally, two tracks not featured in the film’s final cut but deep in the film’s DNA come from Glasgow’s Zoey Van Goey and remix artists Enso who provide a very trance-heavy euphoric twist to the Conduits track Misery Train.

Electrick Children, a film that provides a gentle foil to many of last year’s critically acclaimed and heavier works, was the singular vision of first time director and writer Rebecca Thomas. Her desire to provide the film with a soundtrack full of yet-to-be discovered, melodious and diverse songs was met by the eclectic artists affiliated with the Team Love record label.  This soundtrack is a demonstration of a process, of turning film and music in to a singular experience, of making a song a character of potent potential and magical possibility.