June 25 Mr. Roboto Project, Pittsburgh (PA)

*June 26 Good Girls Club, Bloomington (IN)

June 27 Pinky Swear, Chicago (IL)

june 28 Mickey’s Tavern, Madison (WA)

june 29 Hexagon Bar, Minneapolis (MN)

june 30 (3 pm) Total Drag Records, Sioux Falls (SD)

june 30 Sweatshop Gallery, Omaha (NE)

July 1 Club Scum, Denver (CO)

July 2 Diabolical Records, Salt Lake City (UT)

*July 3 Hockey House, Missoula (MT)

July 4 Werewolf Vacation, Seattle (WA)

July 5 Fingers Crossed Studios, Vancouver

*July 6 Red House, Olympia (WA)

*July 7 House Show, Portland (OR)

*July 8 Shaq’s Shaq, Davis (CA)

July 9 TBA, Oakland (CA)

July 10 Funzone, Santa Barbara (CA)

July 11 The Echo, Los Angeles (CA)

July 12 Trunk Space, Phoenix (AZ)

*July 13 House Show, El Paso (TX)

*July 14 Macaroni Island, Denton (TX)

*July 15 House Show, Austin (TX)

July 16 TBA, Houston (TX)

July 17 Gasa Gasa, New Orleans (LA)

July 18 Seasick Records, Birmingham (AL)

*July 19 The Boathouse, Atlanta (GA)

*July 20 Ten Sproul’s Landing, Chattanooga (TN)

July 21 Queens Ave, Nashville (TN)

July 22 House Show, Boone (NC)

July 23 The Pin Hook, Raleigh (NC)

*July 24 Babe City, D.C.

July 25 The Wick [1.21 Gigawatts Festival], Brooklyn (NY)

July 26 OK Fest II (First Unitarian Church), Philadelphia (PA)

* = house show, e-mail for info