New Release: Napps – Extended Play Vol. 1 (TL-140)

Napps – Extended Play Vol. 1

Walking into Fopp the joke is on you it’s raining it’s 1993 PX bought you this Best Of Italian House 6-Sides it was two quid but you have to carry it home on that flight from Glasgow now it’s almost the year 2000 and you’re once again standing in the rain it’s Rock and Soul West 37th and you have a little extra money in your imagination the red MPC looks ripe and so you’re now back in your flat someone pretty with a zine has shown you how to roll a butterfly spliff you perfect the art look out that tiny window she’s with her man they’re grinding the sink is alive the halls are lined with the NYPD you squeeze one last bleep from the SH101 trace the bottom of a pickle jar onto a canvas the proctor tobacco scolds RIP its now 2019 and you think it’s time to quit but a small ant crosses the white note card as you purr cold sweat down your back tossing dead media into a for-hire dumpster listening to Fats not going back…

  1. MPC117    05:24
  2. MPC200  02:24
  3. MPC208  03:58
  4. MPC199   02:46


Extended Play Volume One

25 December 2019

Extended Play Volume Two

14 February 2020