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Team Love Records is a record label founded by Nate and Conor in the Fall of 2003.

Rebecca came along a few months thereafter, and Matt joined the team in the spring of 2007.

We moved in 2010 from NYC to New Paltz, where we found Autumn, the newest member of Team Love.

Twitter@teamloverecords Instagram: @team_love_records@teamloverecordshop  



  • info at team – love dot com

We’ll do our best to review all questions and respond quickly, but you can guess that our inboxes are probably as full as yours.  Use a subject line that will help us find you when the messages stack up?

S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G Bandcamp , Discogs, Special orders, International shipping:

  • store at team – love dot com

A message to artists

If you would like us to hear your work, please give us a bit of context and send to:

info at team – love dot com

Please no Microsoft attachments or Google Drive links.  

We do our best to listen to unsolicited demos, and regret that we cannot offer feedback to everyone.  Digital submissions are best.  A Soundcloud or Bandcamp track / playlist is the easiest way for us to manage a quick spin.

Grateful you would choose to share your work with us.  Wishing you good luck in all things.  Thank you very much.

What we’re listening to

Sarah Mary Chadwick: Me and Ennui are Friends Baby (Rice Is Nice)
Tindersticks:  Distractions (Lucky Dog/City Slang)
Mia Doi Todd: Music Life (City Zen)
Kehlani:  It Was Good Until It Wasn’t (Atlantic)

Our favorite things:

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