Girl Gaze


Girl Gaze formed in Izzy’s basement during the winter of 2017. They are a five-piece all girl band residing in New Paltz, New York. The band is comprised of Michaela Passero, Izzy Deranieri, Emily Charash, Julia Oppedisano, and Cat Delaus.
Izzy Deranieri and Michaela Passero met when they were six years old on Long Island. When they were young, their fathers were best friends and had been in a band together. They have been friends ever since. Izzy began playing bass when she was 14 years old and Michaela had been singing in the church choir for as long as she could remember.  In 2015 they packed up and moved north to New Paltz, New York to attend school. The seeds of Girl Gaze were firmly planted through their long friendship.
Julia Oppedisano had gotten her first drum set in 8th grade. Her parents objected to this development at first, but she compromised with them by agreeing to learn how to read music and join the school band. She now proudly claims the title of “former band nerd”, where she moved up in the ranks, earning the spot of center snare.  She unabashedly claims her experience in high school band greatly aids in her “jazz inspired flare” style for the sound of Girl Gaze.
Cat Delaus is originally from Rochester, New York- home to musical talents of Kim Gordon and Jolt Cola. She started singing when she was ten, took voice lessons, and began song writing in high school.
Emily Charash has been working on mastering the guitar and piano, and pretty much every other instrument she could get her hands on, since she was just a tot. She is a natural, and her licks catapult the band’s sound into unexpected places throughout the record.
Girl Gaze entered the studio in the early months of 2018.  They brought with them a love of 60s girl groups, vocal harmonies, jazz, and basement sessions, where they’d play cover songs by their favorite musicians.  They emerged early in the summer with an album that pivots from the sounds of Dolly Mixture and Everything But The Girl to The Flirtations and Liz Story. It’s a record that captures a band working out their sound to startling effect; it combines just the right amount of polish with the perfect degree of naiveté.
Girl Gaze is:
Michaela Passero (Vocals and Keys)
Cat Delaus (Vocals)
Izzy Deranieri (Bass)
Julia Oppedisano (Drums)
Emily Charash (Keys and Guitar)
Their debut, “Fade Out” comes out on Team Love Records on October 26, 2018. It was recorded by Dominick Anfiteatro at Dreamland Studio in Hurley, New York.