Kendl Winter


Kendl Winter grew up in Arkansas, but fell in love with Olympia, Washington even before she moved there after high school. When she is not on the road touring her music or hitting some trail, she is buoyed in the Puget Sound aboard her houseboat, the Dandelion. Her musical adventures have wandered from finger picking to electric guitars to old-time roots and bluegrass banjo, and back again; with her earliest pursuits in punk and string bands, and solo work released on Olympia’s own label K. She is currently one half of the banjo/ guitar duo known as The Lowest Pair (Team Love), with Palmer T. Lee. Comparisons have been made to Karen Dalton, Gillian Welch, and Iris DeMent, but Kendl Winter’s voice is all her own.
Most of the songs on Stumbler’s Business were written in the rare still spaces between places on tour, and they pulse with a tidal push-pull. Exploring tensions, seeking understanding, finding love, getting lost. Her banjo speaks its own language —it sings what hasn’t been said. The album was recorded in Joey Seward’s studio just outside of Olympia with the help of some friends. In Kendl’s words, it’s about “the business of falling and catching yourself, or not, scraping your knees, climbing out of the piles, trying again, knowing that stumbling is a part of growing, forgetting, learning again, and again.”
Team Love is honored to release Stumbler’s Business (TL-109) on vinyl, cd, and digital, on July 20, 2018.