Philip Goth

Still image from You Don’t What I’ve Been Through Bro OFFICIAL VIDEO


Philip Goth was founded by Josh Rawson. Josh joined a band called The Felice Brothers as a teenager, where he played bass and wrote songs. After eleven years he quit, envisioning a strange and haunting world of music of his own that he would later call Philip Goth. Over the next three years he wrote and recorded Philip Goth’s debut album in a spare bedroom in Philmont, New York, by himself, while working various jobs. What drove him during these years were the surprising, deeply troubling and often hilarious things he would sing into his computer every night. He is currently an average employee of a landscaping crew.

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April 30, 2021 – You Don’t Know What I’ve Been Through Bro / My Debut Novel SINGLES / VIDEO

June 11, 2021 – Philip Goth by Philip Goth ALBUM