New Release: Bill Brovold x TL – Ghost Music

Bill Brovold – Ghost Music

Bill Brovold x Team Love brings you Ghost Music

Tardigrade Party 10:34
Detroit to Mexico City 13:55
Troll! 8:18
My Last Conversation with Eric 7:01
I Can Still Hear Nico 37:02

All music composed by the musicians. Bill Brovold (Bb), Adrian Comacho Torres (ACT), Johnny Evans (JE), Mark Ormerod (MO), Mary Alice

Recorded and Mixed by Bill Brovold, Adriana Camacho-Torres and Brian Vásquez

Mastered by Danny Blume and Bill Brovold

Produced by Bill Brovold

Tardigrade Party: Bb: Steel Guitar, Loops, Crickets, Glass Harp;
JE, Electric Shruti, Bass Clarinet; ACT, Double Bass, percussion
Detroit to Mexico City: Bb: Steel Guitar, Loops; Mary Alice, Violin; ACT, Double Bass, Percussion
Troll!: Bb: Steel Guitar, Loops; ACT, Double Bass, percussion, Voice; JE, Bass Clarinet
Last Conversation With Eric: Bb, Guitars, MO, Moog Synthesizer.
I Can Still Hear Nico: Bb, Steel guitar, organ; MO, Moog Synthesizer; ACT, Bass and voice.

Cover Photo: Bb
Back Photo : Romy Ashby

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