Watch: Capgun Coup “When I’m Gone”

The lovely people over at Consequence of Sound have premiered a brand new Capgun Coup video for the song “When I’m Gone”. Check it out here!

From Consequence of Sound:

“Turns out that the entire Tyler Chikenelli-directed three-minute video was done with pictures, creating a jerky stop motion-esque feel to the entire deal. The video, consisting mostly of performance shots and a few seconds of a band member getting intimate in a field of leaves in what we can only describe as a Snuggie, feels like a wonderfully amateur cartoon full of weird angles and lots of colors. Of course, the band’s sound suits that DIY sound. In a world of increasingly more prevalent surf punk, the band play the caffeine and Pixie Stick brand of the genre, complete with monotone singing and heavy on the vaguely Caribbean, mostly danceable keys. Seriously, we can’t say it enough: Check this out.”

First listen: Capgun Coup “Bad Bands”

Yesterday Capgun Coup’s song “Bad Bands”, the first single off of the band’s upcoming album Maudlin, premiered on Download the song here.
The follow up to 2007’s Brought to You by Nebraskafish, Maudlin is often a satiric commentary on the state of contemporary life, as well as a sonic homage to Capgun Coup’s reputed, dynamic live shows. The raw, rousing “Bad Bands” serves as a great introduction to the band and album, with what Magnet calls “a sound that radiates genuinely rebellious and invigorating energy. With a bedlam of angry guitars and echoing drums, “Bad Bands,”…is one such anthem that will grab you and throw you into a wall—and you’ll enjoy every second of it.”
Maudlin will be released November 3rd on Team Love.
MP3: “Bad Bands

Capgun Coup to release “Maudlin” this November

Capgun Coup will release their sophomore album, Maudlin, this November on Team Love.

capgunMaudlin is in many ways a sonic homage to Capgun Coup’s renowned energetic performances at house parties and Hotel Frank. The famed and notorious Hotel Frank in Omaha has served as a refuge for, and breeding ground of, young musicians and artists since the late ‘80s. It’s also where the band used to live with 23 friends and where the new album was born. The album radiates with youthful, impish verve, from songs like the raw “Bad Bands” to the languid, loudly murmuring “Farnam Street” to the surf-rocking, whirlwind tempest “When I’m Gone”. Exploring the ups and downs of a culture of carousing, frontman Sam Martin delivers clever, lyrical turns of phrase. Capgun Coup recorded Maudlin live, all together in one room, with the help of AJ Mogis, who captured their live sound and highlighted the innate pop sensibility that threads through their vibrant cacophony of alternately angular and loosely jangling guitars and rattling drums.

Track listing for Maudlin:

1. Computer Screens And TVs
2. Sitting On The Sidewalk
3. Ari Are We
4. Got Alot of Gull
5. Only The Times Are Changing
6. Fishlip
7. Wish I Was A Fag
8. Now That I’m Home
9. Farnam Street
10. Pretty City
11. Bad Bands
12. For Fish
13. When I’m Gone
14. Breaks No Heart Of Mine

Capgun Coup is: Sam Martin (vocals, guitar), Greg Elsasser (guitar, vocals), Eric Ohlsson (drums), Jess McKelvey (guitar), and Roadie (bass).

Introducing Video Tour Diaries

Sporadically we will post videos that we have received from our bands during their time on tour.

Today’s clip comes courtesy of the boys in Capgun Coup, who encountered a Tiger while on tour in Louisiana this past March. Please note that there are some cuss words.


Check out some songs from Capgun’s debut record “Brought to you by Nebraskafish,” which was released this past September.

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