Single + Video Release: Suntraps by Casey Scott

Suntraps from the upcoming album, Orrery

Video Premiere

This one has a strong sense of place for me- the main loop/ origin of the song was some keyboard I recorded on my phone at the school where I work.  After all the layers, I can’t even make out the keyboard part anymore, but I hear voices I recognize, and this rhythmic clatter which was some of my guys playing a game like Hungry Hungry Hippos, with lots of plastic grabbing and noise.  The video was shot in a single take and felt right with this song straight away.

Casey Scott

We are luxuriating in another roundly beautiful sonic pastoral by Casey Scott. YouTube served us Relaxing Music for Work Stress immediately after we watched the video. Maybe you need this, too. Watch and listen to Suntraps, then take a walk and listen some more. Follow Casey in all the places, listen now on Bandcamp, and save to your playlist and collections.

File under ambient music, meditation, drone, and psychic spaces. Orrery is out March 11.

We are sending love XOTL