Recent Releases and Playlists

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Team Love (Nate…actually, it’s Nate) curates a sick Spotify page that includes releases from the label, along with what we’re grooving to at HQ.

TL is also an Apple Music Curator, with playlist fever….here is another version of Recent Releases.

We have a Soundcloud that features the whole of the TL catalog.

And you can find us on YouTube if that’s your jam.

Merch for real

Find hardcopy at our shop in New Paltz (you can visit, really, check out the IG), on Bandcamp, or via our webstore which is also accessible though the shop Facebook page.  Vinyl folks, we are on Discogs, too.

Keep warm, friends, and treat yourself to a Mixcloud archive of Nate’s radio show which airs most Sunday mornings from 7-9am on WVKR, Poughkeepsie.