The Catch All

Let’s start with some shouts to those that got bit by the Conduits bug last month. SYFFAL were not shy at all about their love going 9 out of 10 on the album and giving space on their dope site to the video for “Last Dirge“.  A tenth of a point behind SYFFAL is SSGMusic who went right to the edge of nine with a 8.9/10 rating.  And there’s more: Darlingdork says this is “Massive Attack and Ladytron having a baby,” while the Line of Best Fit says it is “drony.” Our personal favorite? The Majestic Show going so far as to state they would like Conduits to come live in their garage, and Jerk Magazine claiming the band fuses “the best elements of dream pop and shoe gaze.” Fair Enough. Next up: Simone Felice. The founding member of the Felice Brothers is now a solo artist and people are paying attention.  NPR, is pushing it to the nation while on the local level the Woodstock Times went long with a powerful feature by Paul Smart. Glide got all4 our of 5 stars on us, Music Omh tossed around some Cat Stevens comparisons and Uncut is going 8/10 and giving it the Americana Album of the Month title.
Simone’s story is just starting and there’s a bunch of US touring coming soon. Also we need to thank the lovely folks at WUNH who had Simone on to sing last month. But there’s more! Sea of Bees is going to make you wish you’d kept those tape copies of the first two Innocence Mission albums. Love to Vice for debuting the video that makes you long for that secret swimming hole. Robin Hilton at NPR got the exclusive stream debut and eternal faves Bowlegs are tossing around words like “swims in beautifully melanchlic waters,” which we think is a good thing.