Here at Team Love, we spend a lot of time making lists (grocery lists, to-do lists, best-of lists, guest lists, email lists). We asked some of our friends to send over some of their own lists, and we are asking you to send over some of yours. Each month, we will feature a list that has been submitted by one of you (click here to submit a list!).

1106738198_l.jpgTop 90’s R&B Song
A Weather

pinktllogo.jpgTop 12 Vegan Things
Jacob & Lagusta

pinktllogo.jpgBest of 2007
Team Love Staff

Top 19 of 2007

Craig Wedren

jcmbox.jpgTop 10 Narrative Films John Cameron Mitchell

capgunbox.jpgTop 10 Albums to Listen to in the Van
Capgun Coup

trenchy.jpgTop 10 Things to listen to in my Minivan
Dan McCarthy, McCarthy Trenching

andybug1.jpgTop 5 Badass Bugs
Andy Matz, Capgun Coup

bsnlist1.jpgTop 10 Driving Albums in 2007
The Berg Sans Nipple

list001me.jpgTop 5 Used Bookstores in Western Massachusetts
Becca Laurie

sarahlist.jpgTop 5 Summer Package Tours of my Dreams
Sarah Mroue

flowers-team-love.jpg10 Things to do When You’re Bored
Flowers Forever

tatwTop 5 Movie Quotes
Tilly & the Wall

ellestache.jpgTen Best Mustaches in Rock n’ Roll
Elle Lien

pinktllogo.jpgBest of 2006
Team Love Staff