Andy Matz’s Top 5

andybug.jpgTop 5 Most Badass Bugs

Andy Matz, Capgun Coup
1. The Giant Vietnamese Centipede
This killer Myriapod is one of the most venomous invertebrates known to man. It has five bodies on it, no foolin’. It measures up to 12 inches and its venom causes pain that can not be affected by even the strongest narcotics!
2. The Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula

This is the largest spider in the world. It can also measure up to one foot across. And, you guessed it… it gets it’s name from eating fucking birds!
3. The Israeli Death Stalker Scorpion

This little badass looks cute because of its size and tiny pincers, but the venom is in the stinger, and it’s the strongest scorpion venom on the planet.
4. Glow Worms
Featured in the caves episode of Planet Earth, these worms emit an eerie glow to attract flying insects which they trap with a string of saliva and eat alive!
5. African Giant Millipedes
There is nothing scary about these guys at all. They’re really big but they’re nice and will let you hold them. I have one named Fergie.