Craig Wedren’s top 19 of 2007

1354231473_l.jpgTop 19 of 2007
Craig Wedren
1. Moondog -The Viking Of Sixth Ave (outsider street composer and percussionist from NYC 50’s and 60’s compilation)
2. David Lynch’s Inland Empire (modern moving dream screen art)
3. WAND: I got a magic wand while at a wedding in the Mexican jungle, and am building my new record and movie out of it.
4. impregnating Meggan (baby due out April)
5. Oct walk in the New York sun with Rolling Stones on ‘all’ (rediscovered the semi-glorious ‘Undercover,’ ‘She Was Hot’)
6.‘Reena Spaulings,’ the book, by Bernadette Corporation (captures ephemeral, slipping-away New York, which New York always is, was, and will ever be, as she -and we- age and change)
7. dreaming MUCH bigger, fuck limitations, no ‘no’
8. making records, making movies, making love, playing shows, singing
9. Captain Beefheart: Doc At The Radar Station (never had this one, but is my new fave. Cptn B with some death-disco thrown into the mix -LOVE it)
10. the song ‘Real Life’ by Joan As Policewoman
11. Joe Jackson: Look Sharp (holyshit, listen to this, I almost forgot, perfect pop, all angles, singles, and heartbreak pointy shoes)
12. Lubomyr Melnyk: KMH (gorgeous clouds of neo-classical solo piano. Russian? Maybe must be.)
13. Anton Batagov: The Wheel Of Law (also Russian. Minimalist, woozy, slightly menacing, mantra-like, trance-inducing bell and string music)
14. making awesome, retarded stuff with my friends
15. The Ten (the movie)
16. The Ink Spots
17. Circle: Katapult (I think I love this -I just got it and am starting to get into it. Or does it suck? No, it rules, with umlauts hovering above the ‘u’. Nordic Avant Space-metal.)
18. Lindsey Buckingham/Fleetwood Mac: the songs ‘Trouble’ (solo) and ‘Save Me a Place’ (from ‘Tusk’) these songs come back to haunt me every 5-7 years until they make me want to puke; then they go away again, only to creep back into my necrotic bubblegum brain whenever there’s a new music format. This is Lindsey’s true -and evil- genius, not his guitar playing or curly tresses, but the ability to reconstitute and force you to BUY over and over and over again. This is BY NO MEANS desert island music, and yet I have owned, and buried, it on cassette, LP, and CD. Last week I bought it all again digi-online. Fuuuuuu…
19. ‘Jack Smith and The Destruction Of Atlantis’: my friend and neighbor, Mary Jordan, made this gorgeous and sprawling (in the best way) docu-testament to Jack Smith, the Big Bang and Ground Zero of NY performance art, experimental film-maker, progenitor of Andy Warhol, and just general living work-in-progress. Truly inspirational, and almost as tragic, this documentary achieves the rare feat of being art worthy of it’s subject matter, which includes not just rare Jack Smith film and performance footage, but by-gone New York circa 50’s-70’s.