Dan McCarthy’s Top Ten Cheeseburgers (continental us)

dan_7933rw.jpgTop 10 Cheeseburgers (Continental US)
Dan McCarthy, McCarthy Trenching
1. Tiger Tom’s, Omaha
2. Danny’s, Omaha
3. Dinker’s, Omaha
4. White Horse Tavern, New York
5. at home on the grill with beef from my uncles’ Angus herd. This only comes in fifth because you have to do dishes, and I never make fries at home.
6. Dairy Fresh, Adair Iowa
7. Cyclone Drive-in, one of the exits between Des Moines and Adair
8. Goldberg’s on Dodge St., Omaha
9. In ‘n’ Out Burger, California/Arizona
10. Don & Millie’s, Omaha
FOOTNOTE: Dan asked us to add the “Jucy Lucy-style” Paul Moliter Cheeseburger at the Nook in St. Paul, MN to his list as a footnote (and not part of the actual list) because this delicious treat is not exactly a cheeseburger. Instead, it is basically a volcano of meat with molten lava-like cheese hidden inside. Dan cautions against eating your Jucy Lucy too fast; we all know from 9th grade physics class that the specific heat capacities of cheese and meat are, shall we say, quite different, and Dan does not want to be held responsible for anyone’s singed mouth.