Elle Lien’s Ten Best Mustaches in Rock n’ Roll

ellesbig.jpgThe Ten Best Mustaches in Rock n’ Roll
Elle Lien, Slumber Party Records
10. Bianca “Coco” Casady (CocoRosie)
Probably the sexiest mustache on the list, Coco is in the number ten slot on a technicality — her stache isn’t the real deal.
9. Prince
A stache that makes you feel dirty in a good way.
8. Tav Falco
Ra-ra-ra-rockin’ the Hitler stache.
7. Freddy Mercury (Queen)
The so-fresh-and-so-clean stache.
6. Leatherman (The Village People)
5. Frank Zappa
4. Derek Smalls (Spinal Tap)
3. Lemmy (Motorhead)

This foursome makes the list for their mustachioed commitment and sheer stache girth.
2. Phil Schaffart
Tall, dark and handsome, cause I couldn’t put Burt Reynolds on the list stache.
1. JD Samson (Le Tigre)
Grrreatest stache ever.