Flowers Forever’s Top Ten

flowers-team-love.jpg10 Things to do When You’re Bored
Flowers Forever
Take ugly face pictures. If you don’t have a camera do blind contour drawings with a friend or with yourself in the mirror.
Make up someone who doesn’t exist, then convince yourself they do exist, and then go looking for them all over town.
Have your own laser show. (Put on a record you like, turn off all of your lights, lay on the floor and shine a laser pointer or flashlight through a glass bottle {tip to bottom} onto the ceiling.)
Make something. Anything.
Go on a bike ride. (If you don’t own a bike go on a walk) Make sure to explore alleyways, the backsides of shopping centers, and other places you don’t normally find yourself.
Find a friend or friends who are also bored and play writing roulette. Give each person a piece of paper and pen. Each person has to write two lines of a poem in 30 seconds and then pass the paper to the left where that person will add on to your poem. Repeat this process until you feel the poems are done. Once done, sing the poems as if they were songs. No practice, just on the spot. (if your feeling extra spicy take the songs to your local open mic night and freak everyone out with your talent!!!)
Go out on town dressed up in costume/something you normally wouldn’t wear for no reason other then to just feel like somebody else for awhile.
Make up your own language and only speak “it” the whole day. Your friends will find this annoying but who cares, you’re bored. You’ll be surprise with the words you’ll create and how well they’ll work perfectly in your everyday vocabulary.
Ask someone under the age of 10 for advice on something that has been bothering you. If there is no young ones around than ask someone you only kind of know. A friend of a friend.
Call a friend, put them on hold, three way call another friend (don’t tell the original caller you are doing this), and then put everyone on the line together and ask your two friends to tell you a story about them. Something like “Will you guys tell me the story of how you met!” or “What’s the funniest thing that’s happened when you guys were hanging out?” Sit back and enjoy the story.