Jacob and Lagusta’s Top 12 Vegan Things of 2007

1. Mainstream sweets that are now ready to make vegans sick too:
-European Starburst, without the gelatin that makes its US counterpart inedible.
-Oreos, now without whey! Of course, the old vegan standy Hydrox now have whey, go figure. Newman-O’s still suck.
2. Bloodroot Vegan and Vegetarian Cookbook set (http://www.bloodroot.com/cookbooks.htm)
-Yes, one of us worked on these books, but at last the latest edition of cookbooks (one fully vegan) is released from this legendary 30 year old restaurant.
3. The best obscure (and not so obscure) vegan treats/food around the US:
-Ronald’s Donuts: Vegan donuts in Las Vegas, simply the best donuts (and turnovers)!
-Spiral Diner (named #1 this year by VegNews), truly an oasis in Texas and it’s not even in Austin.
-The Grass Root: Tampa Florida Restaurant (surprise of the touring season), not totally vegan but we had 3 great meals in 24 hours.

4. Sorbetto (not yet available in the US). Contrary to what everyone I tell thinks, sorbetto truly does exist. Maybe not in Italy, the US, Europe, or anywhere outside of Australia, but in Australia it’s on every street corner (next to the gelato) and is a fluffy sorbet-like treat that’s irresistible.
5. Vegan Zero-VOC Paints available at a hardware store near you (most non-stinky all-natural paints are milk-based)
6. Dark Chocolate
-Yes, chocolate is vegan. In fact, the best chocolates in the world are always vegan.
7. The Blow’s “Babay (Eat A Critter, Feel Its Wrath)”
8. Crafters For Crittershttp://craftersforcritters.com/ – buy cute stuff by independent artists, profits are donated to animals in need!
9. VegKids http://vgkids.com/ – vegan merch makers!
10. Watermelon and pesto: slices of sun-warmed farm-fresh watermelon with homemade vegan pesto – the snack of the summer.
11. Coconut milk: the best replacement for cow’s milk in everything but cereal (for that we like Silk soymilk, but we are too snobby to eat cereal)
12. And of course, Kombucha, my vegan breakfast for at least a year straight. Extremely prized, coveted, and labeled on tour. “Booch” wars were fought on many a bus.

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