Team Love’s favorite things of 2006

Kode 9 and The Space Ape “Memories of the Future” (Hyperdub):
Cat Power “The Greatest” (Matador):
Boxcutter “Oneric” (Planet Mu)
Cursive “Happy Hollow” (Saddle Creek)
J Dilla “The Shining” (Bbe)
M. Ward “Post-War” (Merge)
Toumani Diabates’s Symmetric Orchestra- Boulevard de L’Independance”(World Circuit)
Whispertown 2000 “Living In A Dream” (WT)
Euros Childs “Chops”(Wichita)
Belle & Sebastian “Tthe Life Pursuit” (Matador)
Adrienne McCann (myspace)
Jesse Rifkin & the Wailing Wall (myspace)
Peter Bjorn and Joh “Young Folks” (Wichita)
Spektrum “Horny Pony” LINK (NonStop)
Irvine Welsh “The Bedroom Secrets of the Master Chefs” (link)
David Foster Wallace, “Consider the Lobster” (link)
Richard Ford, “Lay of the Land” (link)
Alice Munro, “The View from Castle Rock” (link)
David Sirota, “Hostile Takeover” (link)
Thomas Pynchon, “Against the Day” (penguin)
Dave Eggers, ‘What is the What” (link)
Brick (link)
Shortbus (link)
our brand is crisis (link)
neil young, heart of gold (link)
wordplay (link)

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