Phillip Norman Watson – Joan


  1. Autumn Sonata
  2. A Pause
  3. Still Dreaming
  4. Joan
  5. Burnt Matches
  6. Lydia
  7. Darker
  8. In a Middle
  9. Solitary Walker
  10. Varnished Leather
  11. The Third Gate
  12. What Advantage
  13. Appaloosas

‘Phillip Norman Watson’ can be considered a ‘nom de plume’- a way for me to release some music free of any preconceived notions about what the music should be. Music that is free from context from any previous releases of mine. As I gathered a body of new compositions for my second release as Phillip Norman Watson, I found each piece had lots of connections to the music of my hero Joni Mitchell- harmonic, tone color, chordal suspensions, tension and release, transformational and potential energies, patience, and resolution. I constantly find myself circling back to Joni’s unique world of custom crafted harmonic tools. Rather than just cover music BY Joni Mitchell, I’m always chasing the essence of the FEELING of Ms. Mitchell’s music. I wish all my music sounded like Joni’s piano improvisations on a piece like “Paprika Plains”- clear and focused while always following a unique and new path forward. I try and make all my records FEEL like “Hejira” feels when I put that album on. So this whole album “JOAN” is my truest tribute to the musical mastery of Joni.

Jamie Saft, May 2021
Jamie Saft (Credit: Michael Bloom Photography 2017)